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The Dragons of Video Games Art Series - Created by AJ Hateley and Pythos

The ultimate dragon compendium for gamers, this series is the latest work from the artistic masterminds over at Gametee. These beautiful Victorian inspired prints feature six great dragons from gaming lore: Alduin the World Eater, Spyro, Rathalos, Leviathan, the Ender Dragon, and the Dratini Evolutions. Each Dragon comes on High GSM Archival Quality heavyweight cardstock with a matte finish and a free collectible art card.

These prints are available for sale exclusively on Gametee, and Pixalry followers get a special discount. Just use the code PIXALRYDRAGONGT5 at checkout to get 5% off your dragon order!

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Another pseudodragon and this one is on fire!

To end or not to end …. most definitely not a very good question because the answer is clear.